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  • Choosing to Tread Another Path
    Beautiful thoughtful post from Beth Godbee of Head Heart Hands. via Choosing to Tread Another Path
  • Reframing “Independence Day” as a Day for Truth-Telling and Committing to Justice
    via Reframing “Independence Day” as a Day for Truth-Telling and Committing to Justice
  • What Darkness Does
    What darkness does in its arrogance is revel in its power.
And that WILL prove its undoing.
Because in its power-drunk madness it forgets:
There have always been those with the ability to see right through it.
And this is why
what darkness does best
is give strength and clarity to the Light.
  • What the NICU (and NICU parents) can teach the Resistance
    Each new headline hits like a wave — each one strong enough to knock me off my feet, leave me gasping and sputtering in the sand and salt, struggling to regain my footing.  Each one bringing a new and different level of pain, yet this combination of exhaustion mingled with fear and grief feels strangely familiar.  I scan back and quickly find the corresponding memories — of course! The NICU.  (That’s […]
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  • On Faith
    I remember as a teenager having real battles with my father on this issue. Ours was a religiously split household, and to profess a faith in his Roman Catholic God or my mother’s Protestant God of Love was to reject beloved family members on the other “side”. As the oldest child I bore the brunt of their disagreements. These got worse when I reached Confirmation age. I refused. I refused to […]
  • Swish
    By Amy Marchand Collins Swish. Swish. A swirl of blackness, gone already before you realize she is here. Wounded. Leviathan. In the deepest depths. Lashing out. Angry. Betrayed! Well, yes. She was. And she scarcely knows which she wants more: to howl with grief and rage and pain or lash out in anger. And I allow her none of it. Instead, I push her down. Confine her to this small, dark space. […]
  • What Darkness Does
    What Darkness Does By Amy Marchand Collins What darkness does is bring us close, closer together, closer to the Light.  So it has always been, since first we left the trees and congregated around fires to tell the stories that make us who we are.  The woman sitting and knitting in the back of meetings and council halls going back thousands of years, has been oft-overlooked. But she hears more than […]
  • Light-Flinging
    By Amy Marchand Collins Wouldn’t it be fun If instead of mud-slinging, People and politics were more about light-flinging? What needs to seen? What’s there to be healed? Instead of lobbing bombs or bullets We could shine the light of compassion Where were you bullied? How were you oppressed? Rather than cut people down, dragging them through the mud Let’s lift them up Like a snowball fight, Each landed “shot” leaving […]
  • Proposed Budget Cuts Will Likely Have Unforeseen Implications for the Disabled and their Families. 
    For every person, with or without a disability, there are a web of people who support that person as they grow and develop to live an independent, productive life. For children, that web starts but cannot end with the child’s parents. For a child with a disability, much of that web of support depends on programs that rely on federal funding through Medicaid. As a parent of two teens with disabilities, […]
  • A Moment of Truth
    This is a momentous night for our nation. A full moon. Unsettled thoughts after tonight’s shocking action by the President. Firing the Director of the FBI! Unprecedented! And Unpresidential.  What revelations will the new day bring? Tonight our Democracy is fighting for her life. If she survives this crisis, there are fundamental changes that will need to be made. This meddling by the Russians and probable collusion by one or more […]
  • A Modern Midas
    I take seriously the injunctions of my faith traditions to love your enemies, and “pray for those who would spitefully use you.” It is often hard work. I have to dig deep to get beneath my own fear and anger and outrage, to try to find some thread of humanity that I am willing to join common cause with.  I see confusion and suspicion in the expression here.    Looking at […]
  • A Goddess’s Lament
    By Amy D. Marchand (c) 1996 In the blueness of a watery tomb I searched for you and found you not.  For though your body was there, it was but a cast-aside expression, An empty suit of clothes.  Oh my Beloved, where have you gone?  My tears fall in echoing anguish to the storms that rage both without my dwelling  And within my soul. WHY hast thou forsaken me?! I rage […]
  • About me …
    If I’m going to get called names, let it be because I stood for something rather than let my silence imply my assent. I am someone who deeply loves this country. I was raised in NH, educated in DC and have made my home in Virginia, Kansas and now Rhode Island, not far from the land where my mother’s ancestors farmed since 1639. I care deeply about the environment and the […]
  • The Darkest Night 
    In response to something I shared on my timeline, a friend had the following response: “Ya know what would be even better? If people would get over it and become united again like we were 8 years ago…….” It sparked a lot of thought and great conversation, that deserves a wider audience than being hidden in our comment thread. You may not know, but I moved back east from KS one […]
  • Daily Prompt: Fragile
    via Daily Prompt: Fragile   Six hundred ten grams Twenty-four weeks gestation Miracle babies A haiku seems appropriate for how tiny and fragile my miracle twins were.  Born at 24 weeks gestati… Source: Daily Prompt: Fragile
  • Daily Prompt: Fragile
    via Daily Prompt: Fragile   Six hundred ten grams Twenty-four weeks gestation Miracle babies A haiku seems appropriate for how tiny and fragile my miracle twins were.  Born at 24 weeks gestation “on the dot,” their survival was by no means assured.  The day before they were born I had turned the page in my pregnancy book to 24 weeks, and read “Welcome to the window of viability.” Of course we […]
  • 5 Awful Mistakes Bloggers Make
    Good thoughts here. I for one am one of those rare birds who actually DO enjoy the process of editing. However, I cannot disagree with anything in her list! Alexis Chateau Blogging isn’t rocket science, but it can certainly start to feel like it, as you struggle to find the magic formula that takes you from a handful of subscribers to hundreds of thousands. The truth is: there is no magic formula. Building a […]
  • Compassion, not condemnation 
    NBC News published an article recently about an effort at East Carolina University to meet the needs of its students by offering them an “Adulting” course – to teach them what they need to know in order to be self-sufficient adults. See the original article here. One idea immediately jumped out at me.  The university’s counseling center said in the past they used to see a lot more depression.  For the […]
  • We belong to each other
    A friend used to have a poster in her office:  A simple black circle inscribed with the words Every wound is an opening if we but let it be. Every wound is  an opening if we but let it be. I’m not so sure whether that is true.  What I do know at this moment, is that We the People are grievously wounded. I have friends posting on Facebook that they […]

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