About Me: The Knitting Teacher

Why The Knitting Teacher? And who am I to claim that title for myself? Especially when I only have to open any of the knitting magazines I subscribe to or log on to Ravelry to see that there are many amazing knitters, some who will always be far more accomplished than me. But that is true in any endeavor. And just because there’s always more to learn doesn’t mean I have nothing of value to share.

I’ve been knitting since I was 6 or 7, when Grandma first taught me the basics. Since then, knitting (and crochet!) have been a continuous thread in my life (pun intended). As a child I learned how to read patterns and how to make the items my own by choosing the colors and yarns while starting with projects perfect for my childhood attention span: making clothes for my dolls.

In college, during a semester in London, I cheerfully signed on to knit my roommate a handknit sweater for her bear. A trip to Mark’s & Spencer’s yielded cream color wool and knitting needles. I wasn’t able to find a pattern for a teddy bear sweater, however. What I came back with instead is still one of my most treasured possessions more than thirty years later. It was a treasury of knitting stitches. Using it, I designed a sweater to fit Bumper with cables and bobbles and lots of fancy stitches. It was nice to have knitting to travel with on the train, and I noticed I was far from the only one.

Back home in the states knitting took a back seat for the next several years as other responsibilities took the forefront. I picked it up again when my babies were in the NICU.

When my babies were still very small, I worked nights in a group home alongside a nurse, Laura, who had found solace for the grief of a recent loss in learning to knit. I had recently returned to knitting myself, finding it both a practical and therapeutic creative outlet. Laura used to save up her knitting questions for the nights when we worked together. She is the one who dubbed me The Knitting Teacher (or “Tha Knittin’ Teachah”). I promised her if I ever started a website to do with my knitting that’s what I would call it. So here I am.

Here is where I will share tips and techniques, links to patterns, projects, classes and answer questions.

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