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  • The Darkest Night 

    In response to something I shared on my timeline, a friend had the following response: “Ya know what would be even better? If people would get over it and become united again like we were 8 years ago…….” It sparked a lot of thought and great conversation, that deserves a wider audience than being hidden […]

  • Daily Prompt: Fragile

    via Daily Prompt: Fragile   Six hundred ten grams Twenty-four weeks gestation Miracle babies A haiku seems appropriate for how tiny and fragile my miracle twins were.  Born at 24 weeks gestati… Source: Daily Prompt: Fragile

  • 5 Awful Mistakes Bloggers Make

    5 Awful Mistakes Bloggers Make

    Good thoughts here. I for one am one of those rare birds who actually DO enjoy the process of editing. However, I cannot disagree with anything in her list! Alexis Chateau Blogging isn’t rocket science, but it can certainly start to feel like it, as you struggle to find the magic formula that takes you from a […]

  • Compassion, not condemnation 

    NBC News published an article recently about an effort at East Carolina University to meet the needs of its students by offering them an “Adulting” course – to teach them what they need to know in order to be self-sufficient adults. See the original article here. One idea immediately jumped out at me.  The university’s […]

  • We belong to each other

    A friend used to have a poster in her office:  A simple black circle inscribed with the words Every wound is an opening if we but let it be. Every wound is  an opening if we but let it be. I’m not so sure whether that is true.  What I do know at this moment, […]