By Amy Marchand Collins

Wouldn’t it be fun

If instead of mud-slinging,

People and politics were more about light-flinging?

What needs to seen?

What’s there to be healed?
Instead of lobbing bombs or bullets

We could shine the light of compassion

Where were you bullied?

How were you oppressed?
Rather than cut people down, dragging them through the mud

Let’s lift them up

Like a snowball fight,

Each landed “shot” leaving us that much warmer, safer, clearer, whole

Turn up the light. All the way up.

And drag the old stained mattresses and cupboards and hiding places we have used,

Thinking ourselves or others unworthy of this light

Drag it all outside

Put it on the lawn

Like the contents of a house after a flood.

Let the antiseptic sunlight into every crevice and corner

To dry and heal and strengthen

Let’s salvage what is good

Let’s toss what no longer works

The foundation is strong.

Let’s rebuild a more perfect union

This one founded on love and light and dedicated not just to the principle of equality and justice for all,

But to making that a reality

For Everyone.

But first things first

Fling Light!

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